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Wood Wisdom
we are a provider of CNC and STL woodcarving projects, STL 3d files, CNC projects,Carvewright and STL patterns, 3D clip art for CNC wood carving machines and Carvewright CNC Projects.

CNC / STL wood carving patterns

We have added new STL 3D models and STL cnc wood carving files and Carvewright files to our site, for the Shark Pro, Shopbot, I-Carver, oliver intellicarve, and the I-carve software, other routers and 3d printers. Both 3d STL and PTN formats are available.
We also have a small selection of jewelry box hardware for sale

Download Free 3d STL, cnc wood carving files and ptn Samples..
All 3d STL files and some ptns and MPC files will be downloaded as a standard Zip file.

Make sure you check the "Specials", they are constantly ending and adding new ones on special price!

In addition to PTN format we have quality 3d STL models, 3D wood carving clip art for CNC routers, CNC ready 3D relief clipart / 3d stl models for the Carvewright, Compucarve, ShopBot, Shark Pro and other CNC routers. Our dimensional files are in 3D STL model format and PTN format plus TIFF for 3d Laser engravers. These 3d STL files will work with most 3D capable CNC software such as Aspire, Deskproto, Millwizard, Mastercam, Meshcam and the Carvewright software. Our models will also work with the Compucarve and any CNC router using appropriate 3D stl software and Laser engravers using the TIFF format gray scale height map.

We have hundreds of individual dimensional clipart files plus many complete projects. These projects are for the Carvewright and Compucarve only. They include all the required objects perfectly laid out and ready to make your Carvewright project.

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3d stl model stl model
Our very newest patterns.

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Featured Products

Bird Dog1
Dove in Cross
$10.00  $5.00
Save: 50% off
Tea Box Personalized for Carvewright only
$15.99  $13.59
Save: 15% off
Ring Box W/box joints
$9.99  $3.99
Save: 60% off

Monthly Specials For October

Acorn Deer1
$15.00  $12.75
Save: 15% off
Thanksgiving Pilgrim
$10.00  $2.99
Save: 70% off
Rocking horse1
$10.00  $4.00
Save: 60% off
Cross and Girl
$10.00  $7.50
Save: 25% off
Outhouse Welcome
$4.99  $4.49
Save: 10% off
Grandfather Clock
$10.00  $8.50
Save: 15% off
Thanksgiving Native
$10.00  $2.99
Save: 70% off
Dragon Jewelry Box Project
$19.99  $10.00
Save: 50% off
Dove in Cross
$10.00  $5.00
Save: 50% off
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